Beskydy 2017, 10, 75-86

In situ data supporting remote sensing estimation of spruce forest parameters at the ecosystem station Bílý Kříž

Lucie Homolová, Růžena Janoutová, Petr Lukeš, Jan Hanuš, Jan Novotný, Olga Brovkina, Rolling Richard Loayza Fernandez

Global Change Research Institute CAS, Bělidla 986/4a, 603 00 Brno, Czech Republic

Remote sensing offers an effective way of mapping vegetation parameters in a spatially continuous manner, at larger spatial scales and repeatedly in time compared to traditional in situ mapping approaches that are typically accurate, but limited to a few distributed location and few repetitions. In case of forest ecosystems, remote sensing allow to assess quantitative parameters or indicators related to forest health status such as leaf area index, leaf pigment content, chlorophyll fluorescence, etc. Development, calibration and validation of remote sensing-based methods, however, still rely on supportive in situ data. The aim of this contribution is to introduce the individual in situ components in the framework for the retrieval of forest quantitative parameters from airborne imaging spectroscopy data. All measurements were acquired during an extensive in situ/flight campaign that took place at the Norway spruce dominated study site Bílý Kříž (Moravian-Silesian Beskydy Mts., Czech Republic) during August 2016. In addition to airborne remote sensing data acquisition, the in situ activities included terrestrial laser scanning for tree 3D modelling, measurements of needle biochemical and optical properties, leaf area index measurements and spectral measurements of various natural and artificial surfaces. Leaf pigments varied between 25.2 and 49.1 µg cm-2 for chlorophyll a+b content, 4.9 – 10.6 µg cm-2 for carotenoid content depending on needle age and its adaptation to sun illumination, whereas ratio between the two pigments was stable around 4.6 – 5. 3. Specific leaf area of spruce needles varied between 49.3 and 105.8 cm2 g-1, being the highest for the shade adapted needles of the current year. Leaf area index of spruce stands of various age and densities varied between 5.3 and 9. 3.


This work was supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of CR within the National Sustainability Program I (NPU I), grant number LO1415 and by the European Space Agency grant number 4000115955/15/NL/AF.


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