Beskydy 2012, 5, 19-26

Various content of manganese in selected forest tree species and plants in the undergrowth

E. Kula, P. Hrdlička, J. Hedbávný, P. Švec

Mendel University in Brno, Zemědělská 1, 613 00 Czech Republic

The content of manganese in foliage and other parts of trees and undergrowth plants were monitored in the site with heavy level of manganese in soil. The difference between the species and also between parts of the same plant was confirmed. Manganese was accumulated from the soil environment, especially by the species Betula pendula, Fagus sylvatica, Sorbus aucuparia, Larix decidua, Vaccinium myrtilus, Rubus ideus, Rubus fruticosus and Digitalis purpurea, where the content of manganese in leaves exceeded 5000 mg kg-1.


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