Beskydy 2013, 6, 59-66

Statistical evaluation of ozone concentrations on open plots in a submountain beech ecosystem in the Western Carpathians Mts.

Daniela Kellerová, Rastislav Janík

Institute of Forest Ecology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Štúrova 2, 960 53 Zvolen, Slovakia

The research was conducted on two plots without forest cover situated in the Štiavnické vrchy (A) Mts and in the Kremnické vrchy (B) Mts (Western Carpathian region) and a plot covered with several-year-old naturally regenerated beech stand (C) in the Kremnické vrchy Mts. The highest average value of 71 µg m-3 was recorded in 2007 for all plots; the lowest one was 45 µg m-3 recorded in 2009. Maximum values of ground level ozone concentrations ranging from 124 to 144 µg m-3 were recorded in spring 2008 on all study plots. The values were displaying fairly high variability over the whore research period, with minima in years 2007 and 2008 on the plot covered with forest stand at the time. Statistically significant differences were distinct especially between the years 2007 and 2009.


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